Smarter Successful Business Selling

We have developed a unique, effective process to analyse, prepare and market your business



Market Value and Saleability 

Current Market Value and Saleability is critical to the success of any business sale! How can you sell your business not knowing how much someone would be willing to pay or if it is even saleable? By conducting an in-depth Appraisal and Analysis, using key business data, financials and information, you will then have the knowledge to determine sale price and if in fact you can sell your business.

The Analysis and Appraisal will include:

  • A meeting and questionnaire to obtain all relevant information required
  • An actual figure for the current market value of your business
  • A comprehensive spread sheet breaking down how this figure is ascertained
  • No “hard sell” or obligation to list, just factual information, which you require to make a decision


Collection of all business information to create Information Memorandum

Once the appraisal is complete and the current market value has been determined, we can then discuss and establish saleability. Why would you list it, if it is not saleable at this time? If we believe we have something to sell, we need to gather every bit of data and information to create a detailed Business Information Memorandum.

From this stage you will receive:

  • A comprehensive questionnaire, which when completed provides a detailed Business Information Memorandum
  • BIM- Opening pitch to prospective buyers, including history, premises, lease, staff, services, strengths, opportunities, customer base, financials and reason for sale
  • Edits to the BIM until you are satisfied with the results
  • By now you will own two fully analytical transparent reports to support your preparation for the intended sale of your business  (Appraisal and BIM)
  • No obligation to proceed to the next stage of the process 


Smart Listing for a successful sale, not just a listing

Once you hit this stage of the sale process, you will enter an ” Exclusive Agency Agreement”. This protects you and states the terms and conditions you are entering into. What websites, for how long and where else your business will be listed are also determined here. 

This stage includes:

  • Discussion and decision of marketing the sale of your business on major websites, internet, etc
  • All potential buyers must fill out and return a questionnaire with specific information to create a Confidentiality Agreement (CA)
  • When CA is completed and returned, this qualifies them and we ring everyone to discuss the business and if they in fact have obtained the right to access the Business Information Memorandum 
  • Regular updates and continued support, while the business remains listed


WhY a Business Sale Assessment?

We believe the single most important factor in the proposed sale of your business is a Detailed Business Assessment and Analysis of Saleability.  This will determine if in fact you have a saleable business and what the current market value for your business is. If you fail to do this, how could you possibly know the market value or if your business is saleable. Why even list a business for sale if it is not saleable? As a “Certified Business Valuer” I strictly deal with the facts, figures and the market, giving you an honest unbiased opinion based on our knowledge, experience and expertise in this industry. It is our top priority to explain how we arrived at our  decisions and discuss it with you in detail. You will not be told an unrealistic sale price or that we can sell your business if we do not believe that to be true. At “Business Buy or Sell” businesses are listed to Sell not for the sake of getting a listing!

Truth is like the Sun, You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away– Elvis Presley

WhAT IS a Business Sale Assessment?

  • The primary purpose of a Sale of Business appraisal or assessment is to determine a business’s financial value in the marketplace. It assesses a variety of factors to determine an independent fair market value to sell the business. Value is calculated, while price is negotiated. 
  • It is one of the most significant steps to complete when you planning on selling your business.  Estimates are usually not acceptable, as it is a generalisation and therefore a potential buyer will question valuation methodologies when assessing the potential purchase of a business and its listed sale price.


What are the benefits of doing a 'Sale of Business' Assessment?

The business Value is the business owner’s most important asset!

  • You have spent many hours, weeks, months and years creating a business in a competitive marketplace. The sale of the business is frequently the single most important financial transaction in the business owner’s life.
  • Selling your business and knowing the full value of your business as it currently stands, along with future potential is simply a must to ensure that you get the best possible price.
  • Buyers will negotiate hard on price, as you would expect, but having key facts at hand regarding your business and its value can place you in a strong position in these negotiations. You have a strong basis on which to assess offers from all potential buyers.
  • Banks Hate Risk – If the purchaser is looking to finance the purchase of your business, having an independent valuation of the business can strengthen credibility and provide lenders with important information. Some business loans, require a qualified independent appraisal.




BIM is a package of documents created by business brokers from information collected from owners for prospective buyers. 

At Business Buy or Sell you receive a detailed questionnaire with 60 to 70 questions regarding all aspects of you and your business that you complete and return. Compiling all this data into a Business Information Memorandum paints a picture of what you have to offer a prospective purchaser as follows:

  • The purpose is to tell a detailed story about the business, location, history, strengths, opportunities, financials, plant and equipment, staff, lease, etc. 
  • It must be factual and not attempt to deceive or exaggerate any information which could affect the perceived value or influence the sale.
  • It is important to prepare and present the information in an attractive, logical and coherent way as it also can reflect on the company’s professionalism.
  • All financial information must also be presented from Tax Returns or similar documents and normalised on a spread sheet in detail with explanations to verify the end result.
  • A detailed list of all plant, equipment and vehicles must be provided with current market value in mind.

In short a Business Information Memorandum (BIM) is a Summary of information presented and sale price.