Sell Your Business Analyst

Having been self-employed my whole working life I understand the hardships encountered starting, buying, building, operating and selling a business.  You would think it gets easier as you go along but that is rarely the case. Certainly one of the hardest aspects, is knowing how to successfully sell your business when you want out at a fair and reasonable price.

I know this because I have firsthand experience selling my own businesses. I have lived it.  I found the daily, weekly, monthly operation of maintaining a business successfully an impossible task whilst at the same time, trying to sell it.

As a ‘Certified Business Valuer’ I appraise your business for current market value and the probability of it actually selling, first, then if you choose to work with me, we can prepare and list it for sale. No obligation from either party. 

Over at “SELL YOUR BUSINESS ANALYST” we perform a detailed appraisal to determine current market value and saleability, including Return On Investment for a buyer. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO LIST FOR SALE WITH US!

Did you know that only one of every five businesses listed for sale actually sell and usually at a price much less than listed for? Why? Because they are mostly overpriced by owners, and brokers or marketing agencies, who are only interested in getting the listing or wanting the marketing dollars, giving the business owner a false hope of selling. They rarely put the time and effort required into a ‘FREE’ appraisal. The real question is, what is the return on investment for someone purchasing your business?  Ask your bank manager if they would lend you the money to buy your business.  This will give you an indication of someone else’s likelihood of securing the finance to buy your business.

Here at “BUSINESS BUY OR SELL” business brokers and consultants, we specialise in listing only businesses that we have analysed first for value and saleability. We do not believe in listing every business for everyone at any price, therefore concentrating our time and effort to obtain a sale as soon as possible.

Because we are Certified Business Valuers / Appraisers first and Business Brokers second this means you get an unbiased appraisal of the real value and saleability of your business.

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Douglas McDonald

Business Valuation Specialist

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