There are Appraisals and there are Appraisals

I cannot stress how important it is to have the market value of your business properly appraised by a professional who has the required level of expertise and experience to do it correctly.

Whether you are selling or buying, it is critical to know the current market value and return on investment. This information gives you the knowledge to make a sound business decision based on fact, not emotion. 

I believe it is so important to get the right person to do this if you want the right answer.

In my opinion, the appraisal must be based on fact, science, art, knowledge, return on investment, market, and business sales experience.

Can anyone do an Appraisal?

I recently appraised a business using a proven formula I have developed. My appraisal was 60% less than one that had previously been provided by another professional. By explaining my process and how this price was determined my clients were able to understand why and reflected ”we thought the first value was a bit high”

How is that possible?

As an experienced business broker and business valuer, I am confident I have acquired a considerable level of knowledge about what value a business will sell for than someone who just comes up with a price, without being accountable to take it to market and sell it.

If I am selling a business, it is I that must sit down with a buyer and justify why the business is for sale at that price, gain their confidence to at least look at the facts, and then prove the price to them, to get the sale.

If I am engaged by a buyer, it is I that must provide a professional assessment of the value based on facts and information provided by the seller, and be able to prove it to the buyer, so they are equipped to make an informed business decision to buy or not.

“Nothing is impossible for the person who does not have to do it”

Will I simply appease a seller, or a buyer who engages me to carry out an appraisal?

NO! Any valuation or appraisal I conduct for a buyer or a seller regardless of who is paying is conducted in the same way. The results are completely unbiased and based on facts, expertise, qualifications, and my knowledge of the market and industry. Integrity also a big factor.

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Douglas McDonald

Business Valuation Specialist

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